PCB Design and Layout
Experienced in many designs with varying degrees of complexities, even unique requirements.
Will provide instructions and requirements for PCB, either to your own layout designer or one of our preferred sub-contractors.
Preparation of fabrication drawings to support all designs.
Selection of capable fabrication houses.
Research in support of special requirements.


PCB Requirements
IPC class 2 and 3
Impedance Control
3 mil line / 3 mil trace, or smaller
BGA with 0.5 mm pitch or less
High Density Interconnect, HDI
Materials from FR4 to Rogers
Construction Verification
Lead or Lead-Free
Advanced Via Structures
Standard, Blind, and Buried Vias
Staggered Vias
Stacked or Coincident Vias
Micro Via and Micro Via Structures
Specialized Plating Requirements
Specialized Process Requirements
Final Finish Requirements
Application Requirements
High Reliability - Thermal Cycle Hardened
RF and High Speed Bus Implementation
Production or Prototype Platforms
Wide Range of Mechanical Form-Factors
Manufacturability and Testability
Design engineering of custom electronic hardware, electronic product development and prototyping, and proof-of-concept efforts, are provided to customers as a contract engineer. Customers include small to large companies, inventors and entrepreneurs, and engineering firms and organizations. Engineering support services such as technical and consulting efforts, are provided as a business or vendor.

Experience includes industrial, military, commercial, aero-space, and avionics development and manufacturing of electronic hardware.