Hawkins Engineering has the tools set to build almost any type of fixture, cable assembly, or work with most surface mount components.

This allows for independence when debugging new designs, tuning analog circuits, and isolating complex interactions.
Lab Resources

State-of-the-Art Test Equipment

• Bench Power Supplies
 Logic Analyzers
 Function Generators

Hawkins Engineering has a fully functioning electronic laboratory with a comprehensive set of test equipment and application software.

Rework that falls outside our capability can be handled by one of our preferred assembly houses, such as BGA removal and replacement and other hard to handle components -- on an as needed basis.
Rework Capability

Soldering Stations
Hot Air Guns
Hand Tools
Design engineering of custom electronic hardware, electronic product development and prototyping, and proof-of-concept efforts, are provided to customers as a contract engineer. Customers include small to large companies, inventors and entrepreneurs, and engineering firms and organizations. Engineering support services such as technical and consulting efforts, are provided as a business or vendor.

Experience includes industrial, military, commercial, aero-space, and avionics development and manufacturing of electronic hardware.