FPGA / Digital Design Engineer Services


Digital Design Engineer Services

Hawkins Engineering offers custom design and simulation of high density FPGA/PLD/ASIC devices in VHDL (primary language). Verilog or other languages supported by request.

Categories include:

  • Arithmetic engines: allowing computational algorithms and filters to be implemented in hardware instead of software. An effective approach when performance is a must.
  • Controllers: Highly integrated complex logic designs tailored to handle most any function or application. Also useful when upgrading legacy designs.
  • Serial I/O: High speed serial I/O communication links, whether between devices on a circuit board, backplane, or between units across the room. Many schemes are available.
  • Custom Processors: When it makes sense to embed a processor with a unique instruction set and capabilities.
  • Glue Logic: For interfacing commercial microprocessors or controllers to specific hardware or bus architectures.
  • - Specialties -

    Mathematic Hardware

    Hawkins Engineering has extensive experience in design and implementation of arithmetic processes dating back to bit-sliced and custom CPUs. While many FPGA devices offer embedded DSP silicon, many if not all arithmetic functions can be implemented in RTL using gates and registers. Speed can be further enhanced through parallel processing using multiple instances.

    If your transfer function can be expressed mathematically, a hardware engine can be designed to run it.

    Device Support

    Selecting a target device to host your design is very significant. Hawkins Engineering has experience working with many devices and development platforms -- researching all current technologies to provide the best fit.

    Depending on the design and its application, the targeted device should be selected for its capabilities and advantages. Xilinx, Actel, Altera, Lattice, and Quicklogic are several of the primary manufacturers that offer FPGA/PLD devices.

    Xilinx, Altera, and Lattice offer ram based devices, which have the highest performance of all manufacturers. Clock rates from 50 to 500MHz, or even higher, can be achieved. Arithmetic functions, such as high speed carry chains and multipliers, are often embedded in silicon.

    Actel flash based devices are generally preferred by producers of avionics and military equipment over ram based devices because of their immunity to single event upsets. Speeds are generally limited to 40-60MHz.

    Quicklogic offers anti-fuse devices which provide relatively high performance with the reliability of an ASIC.

    Design engineering of custom electronic hardware, electronic product development and prototyping, and proof-of-concept efforts, are provided to customers as a contract engineer. Customers include small to large companies, inventors and entrepreneurs, and engineering firms and organizations. Engineering support services such as technical and consulting efforts, are provided as a business or vendor.

    Experience includes industrial, military, commercial, aero-space, and avionics development and manufacturing of electronic hardware.