Circuit / Hardware Design Engineer Services

Hawkins Engineering can take a project from concept to production.



Hawkins Engineering can offer state-of-the-art solutions to almost any design, taking full advantage of currently available technology,

Creating new circuits or protocols to address new ideas or solve old problems, even difficult ones, is also our specialty.

- Innovative, Resourceful, Capable -


As with any design, good documentation is an imperative. It ensures better support, as well as clarifying customer requirements and standards. Hawkins Engineering can create all aspects of documentation needed in any design.

• Writing Functional and Design Specifications per Customer’s Requirements
• Creation of Schematics
• Creation of Fabrication Drawings For PCB
• Creation of Assembly Drawings and Bill of Materials for Manufacturing
• Creation of Wiring and Interconnect Diagrams
• Creation of Testing Procedures and Requirements
• Support of all related design reviews
• Oversight of all aspects of design process

Power Supplies
High Speed Serial and Parallel Buses
Signal Conditioning Circuits
Low Frequency RF Circuits
Familiar with Numerous Buses, Protocols, and Interfaces
Embedded Software/Firmware
Low/Battery Power Application.

Hawkins Engineering can design and implement advanced prototype hardware.

Design engineering of custom electronic hardware, electronic product development and prototyping, and proof-of-concept efforts, are provided to customers as a contract engineer. Customers include small to large companies, inventors and entrepreneurs, and engineering firms and organizations. Engineering support services such as technical and consulting efforts, are provided as a business or vendor.

Experience includes industrial, military, commercial, aero-space, and avionics development and manufacturing of electronic hardware.