ASIC Conversion

Not only can Hawkins Engineering design your FPGA, but can convert that design to an ASIC, as well as create simulation and interface models for verification.
Additionally, assist in the following:

• Selection of Foundary
• Selection of Core and I/O Voltages
• Line Width Process, .5/.35/.25/.18.
• Clock Distribution
• I/O Standards and Pad Definition
• Temperature Range
• Memory Requirements
• Packaging Requirements
Design engineering of custom electronic hardware, electronic product development and prototyping, and proof-of-concept efforts, are provided to customers as a contract engineer. Customers include small to large companies, inventors and entrepreneurs, and engineering firms and organizations. Engineering support services such as technical and consulting efforts, are provided as a business or vendor.

Experience includes industrial, military, commercial, aero-space, and avionics development and manufacturing of electronic hardware.